POP-VAC 4ml Refillable Vacuum Sealed Storage Container

Jar QuantityPrice Per Jar
400 – 1,999$1.45
2,000 – 4,999$1.40
5,000 – 9,999$1.30

*Pricing applicable on 400 & 504 packs.
*Discounts applied at cart/checkout.
504 packs – Jars and caps shipped separately.

  • Freshness you can hear – Screw the cap on, and when you hear the “CLICK”, you can be confident that your POP-VAC is contained in the perfect, vacuumed-sealed state to make it last.
  • Secure twist cap – Unscrew the cap counter-clockwise and hear the “POP” indicating the vacuum seal has been released.
  • Airtight – the vacuum seal preserves your terps and locks in flavor. The vacuum disk is visible through the cap, for additional confirmation that the vacuum state is achieved or released.
  • Intelligently engineered – POP-VAC patent pending jar is designed with herb concentrates and floral extracts in mind to prevent packaging from leaking, product migration issues, and drying out due to air exposure.
  • High quality – child-resistant press and twist cap, stainless steel vacuum disk, airtight food grade proprietary gasket, durable food grade glass plug.

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