How Pop Seal Jars Work

  • POP-VAC™ jars form a vacuum seal inside the container, keeping the contents fresh and safe from drying out or oxidizing. POP-VAC™ jars work over and over, keeping the contents in its intended state for the life of the product.
  • Just screw the cap on, when you hear the “CLICK”, you can be confident that your product is contained in the perfect, vacuumed sealed state to make it last. Unscrew the cap counter-clockwise and hear the “POP” indicating the vacuum seal has been released.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can You Label Over The Center Hole On The Cap?

Yes. You can cover the Pop-Vac with a coin style sticker. Although the stainless disk is air tight against the neck of the jar creating the perfect seal, the Child Resistant mechanism in the cap does let air pass between the two layers. Putting a coin style sticker will not affect the vacuum disk at all. 

Should I "crank" down on the cap to make sure I am getting the best seal, similar to other jars on the market?

No, there is no need to “crank” the cap on very tightly. When closing the cap, tighten down or rotate the cap only until you hear the “POP” indicator and a snug fit is achieved. “Cranking” down on the lid may damage the inner disk which will eliminate the jars ability to create the vacuum seal.

Are Pop-Vac Jars Child Resistant (CR) Certified?

Yes, Pop-Vac jars have been certified child resistant by a 3rd party NRTL.

Does The Pop-Vac Jar Continue To Work After The First Time It Is Opened?

Pop-Vac’s air-tight vacuum mechanism is reusable and will continue to perform for the lifecycle of the product.

Containers specifically engineered to work with herb and flower extracts/concentrates by preventing leakage, dry out, and complications.

Airtight food-grade stainless vacuum disk seal and sealing gasket, preserves your contents and locks in flavor. The vacuum disk is visible through the cap, for additional confirmation that the vacuum state is achieved or released.

Incorporated child-resistant press and twist cap mechanism for extra assurance. - Vacuum Sealed Concentrate Jars
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