Introducing POP-VAC™ Jars, the ultimate solution for storing herb concentrate and floral extracts. Our innovative jars are designed to form a vacuum seal, ensuring that your products stay fresh and free from drying out.

With our patent-pending technology, POP-VAC™ Jars offer superior performance that lasts throughout the entire product lifecycle. Each jar holds between 4ml-5ml of product, providing ample storage space for all of your needs.

Say goodbye to stale and dried-out products with POP-VAC™ Jars, the must-have storage solution for discerning extract enthusiasts.

Freshness You Can Hear!

Screw the cap on, and when you hear the “CLICK”, you can be confident that your product is contained in the perfect, vacuumed-sealed state to make it last.

Unscrew the cap counter-clockwise and hear the “POP” indicating the vacuum seal has been released.


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