2ml/4ml Labels

2ml/4ml Boxes

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Our custom jar dieline ensures a seamless integration of your unique design, allowing you to showcase your product with style and professionalism.

Pop Seal Custom Label Die Lines

Custom Jars

Full Label: 4.27"x0.87"
Half Label: 4.24"x0.87"
Top Sticker: 1.24"
Bottom Sticker: 0.94"

Our custom box dieline empowers manufacturers to harmonize packaging aesthetics with product identity.

Custom Boxes

DIMENSIONS: L: 1.43” W: 1.43” H: 1.13”

Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or an alternate vector file editor is required to create your own custom label and box designs.

To maintain the utmost quality and precision in your custom labels, it’s essential to carefully adhere to the following guidelines:

File Format:

Submit your designs in Adobe Illustrator (AI) format. This ensures that we can make any necessary adjustments and maintain the highest print quality.

Bleed Lines:

Extend your design elements slightly beyond the edge of the label to create “bleed.” This prevents any white edges from appearing on the final product after cutting. A standard bleed is usually 0.125 inches.

Cut Lines:

Do not alter or edit the cut line layers. These lines are carefully set to ensure precision cutting. Any adjustments to these lines may result in an inaccurate final cut.



Convert all text to outlines to avoid potential font-related issues. When fonts are rendered as bitmaps, it can lead to a loss of quality and affect the readability of your text.


Maintain a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch) for all images and graphics to ensure a crisp and clear print.

Color Mode:

Use CMYK color mode for your designs. This ensures that the colors you see on your screen will closely match the printed result. - Vacuum Sealed Concentrate Jars
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